Presenting Brazilian Fruit Natural Cosmetics

13 08 2008

Dear friends,

Brazilian Fruit CosméticaI am pleased to present the highly successful cosmetics line – Brazilian Fruit. Prized internationally for its high quality in the natural care of your skin.

A range of innovative and exciting products that make you feel the pleasure of looking after yourself.

Products that are dermotologically tested for body and face.

Cosmética de BrasilMade with active ingredients extracted from plants from Amazonia in a sustainable manner without damaging the preservation of the rainforest.

Brazilian Fruit supports social and environmental projects.

These products do not contain animal materials.

Productos Naturales de AmazoniaIn Naïa do Mare, we have already felt the pleasure of trying these delicious products and we are really excited about them.

I hope that you jump at the chance to try them very soon because they are genuinely devine!

Click on the following link to see our products from Brazilian Fruit:

Brazilian Fruit – Exotic Fruit Cosmetics OnLine

More news very soon.




2 responses

24 01 2009

I woul like sell your product.

would be interested…

22 06 2009

Hi Zizi,

Please get in touch through and we can talk about what you need!

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