Calling All Up-And-Coming Fashion Designers!!!

16 06 2008


As I have written here before, one of my main aims is to give new, talented designers a place to show off and publicise their work in the best possible way – by selling it to the general public.

The fashion industry is ever more dominated by multinational corporations that decide what we should wear before then producing it, packaging it up and spending billions on convincing us to buy it which is not really necessary as often there doesn’t seem to be an alternative.

This is where the internet can be an amazing tool. If you’re reading this, you are probably a modern, internet using, informed consumer that understands the web’s potential for finding just what you’re looking for as well as new things you didn’t even know existed.

This is why, here at Naïa do Mare, we’re bringing our search for new talent into the open and we would like to ask you for your suggestions for talented new designers that could benefit from having somewhere to exhibit and sell their designs.

We are already having a great response to the Greek designer Dimitris Camarinopulos’s collection which we have to offer on our website and we are already speaking to various other designers hoping to include their creations in the near future but we want to do more.

If you are a designer, get in touch! If you know of any good designers, get in touch! This goes for footwear designers and accessories designers too.

Obviously, we’re actively searching too so, whatever happens, there’s going to be some new and exciting things happening at


Ana – Naïa do Mare – OnLine Fashion

OnLine Fashion Store



12 responses

27 06 2008

Great to see a company actively looking for new talent. I love contests where people get the chance to showcase their talent that may not otherwise have a chance to. Awesome!

27 06 2008

Thanks for your comment, daniel!

It’s very important to us to provide a place to showcase and sell their creations. I think that before the end of the summer we will have some exciting announcements 🙂

Regards from sunny Spain! (Finally sunny after a very long winter here in Madrid!)


27 07 2008

I am a fashion designer looking for a job online.

28 07 2008

Hi Samah,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Please feel free to contact us at info “at symbol” naiadomare “dot” com to tell us about what you do and talk about the possibility of putting your creations on sale, publicising your work, etc…

Any more designers reading… the same goes for you!

There are going to be quite a lot of changes on the site this month and it’s a good time to get involved.



11 08 2008

all of my work is one of a kind hand made be myself.

hope you.


13 08 2008

Hi Genessa,

Thanks for commenting.

I will send you an email in the next few days about how we might be able to collaborate.

I’ve had a look at your things and I would like to congratulate you – they’re gorgeous!


Ana – Naïa do Mare

16 08 2008

Hello, I understand that you are looking for a certain niche market, however, I am developing a culture focused mainly on a certain niche design in clothing. In the future I would love to branch out and explore developing the line, but for now I just want to lend myself out as one who knows what the masses is looking for.

I would love to collaborate, with you providing you with another avenue of exposure, through all my social networks. Give me a shout back and lets see what we can do. Jimmie Fair, CEO Stitch Mob

16 08 2008

Hi Jimmy, thanks for commenting…

To say that we are looking for a niche market isn’t actually 100% accurate. Our objective is to create a space where you can find something for all tastes, for all body shapes and prices, from things that are accessible to all right up to exclusive designer wear.

A one-stop-shop in other words where people can discover beautiful things.

Of course, we are interested in the niche market that is independent designers but the idea is not to segregate things too much so that people can accidentally discover things that they may not necessarily have thought of looking for.

I am interested to hear more about what you do. I have had a look at the site you have linked to but I’m not 100% sure as to what your activity actually is.

We are a new company and are interested in all sorts of collaborations that could be mutually beneficial for us and other people working in the area. Please feel free to contact us by email (info ‘at’ naiadomare ‘dot’ com) and we can discuss ways that we could help each other out. At the very least, link exchanges are a good, free, win-win kind of collaboration. Links are like gold-dust!

Social networking is, of course, something we are especially interested in. It is, after all, the present reality and the future of the internet and global communication.

Pleased to make your acquaintance and I hope to be in touch again soon (I’ll get back to you via your site if I don’t hear back in case you don’t read this).



23 08 2008
Clarissa Detmeers

I just love your approach and totally agree with you. The big groups, especially in luxury fashion have a sort of monopoly and are trying to transform the designers’ creativity with marketing, commercial, financial goals. Ah, the time when Creative Directors really were number ones in their own companies is gone… Maybe the internet and blogs and amazing websites like yours could and will help. i gave always believed in people’s ability not to be fooled.
Anyway, I wanted abive all to mention one French designer whom I adore. His name is Julien Fournié. If you type his name on YouTube for instance, you will find amazing videos of some runway shows he did for a now extinct haute couture house based in Paris, TORRENTE. His work is amazing, to me he is one of the reatest fashion designers ever !
He ha continued his career in ready-to-wear brands and is now at the helm of a more reasonaby priced line at Ramosport, a cFrench company specialized in “outerwear”… a kig of French Byrberry’s if you like… Check his work there too… It’s fantastic…
I discovered he was there visitinga website I think very intersting called FashionReporters. You can visit them too at How I found it is because this designer also seems to collaborate with them and do a lot of fashion illustrations and layout of the website… Maybe you could contact him through this company? Otherwose I have no other way of reaching him with an email….
Anyway, also wanted to let you know that has a lot to offer concerning young talented fashion designers from all over the world. At the moment they seem to be running a series of interviews with young designers from Spain… very interesting.
Congratulations again on your salnt and support for diversity in fashion…
I am already a fan of your blog and company.

25 08 2008

Hi Clarissa, thank you so much for taking part!!!

Wow!, what can I say? It’s great to get in touch with people that think the same as we do. I only hope that we don’t let you down over the next few months with the things we are going to be including in the site.

I’ve had a look at and it looks very interesting. It will certainly be an interesting read at least and hopefully it will give me ideas for contacting people.

I’ll have a closer look at Julien Fournié tomorrow or when I have more time to pay attention properly!

Anyway, I’m a little tired at the moment so this message is “to be continued”. I just wanted to say thank you for your very kind words. It really lightened up my evening 🙂

Besitos (“little kisses” in Spanish),


20 02 2009

hi,i am originally from africa but am staying with my husband in switzerland,i cant say i have put any of my sketches on to fabric but i have a portfolio of about 200sketches of womens clothhing and i design shoes as well,dont really know how to start up so hopefully you will give me ideas,i hope.
thank you for your time.

22 06 2009


Thanks for gettin gin touch.

If you want to get in touch with me through the website, I’ll be more than happy to talk to you about your ideas.


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