Getting to Know Naïa do Mare’s OnLine Store

5 06 2008

Hello again,

I thought I’d explain a bit about how the site works ( )

The font page looks like this:

Naïa do Mare - Página principal

It’s very simple really.

Below the title you can choose your language (Spanish or English).

“My Account” is to register or to access your account (personal information, addresses, order history, etc…).

“My Wishlist” is for your list wishlist! It’s a list that you can send to your friends, family, etc. so that they know what you want for your birthday, christmas…

“My Basket” is your shopping basket.

“Checkout” is to make your purchase.

After that there are three buttons (for now) to: listen to music, invite your contacts (with the possibility to get a gift!!) or to choose your currency.

The most important aspect oof the page is the “lift”/”elevator”. It has arrows to go up or down in the page (if you put the mouse on top of them, the page goes up or down gradually or, if you click on them, it goes to the top or the bottom). If you roll over the floor numbers, a list comes out with links to the different departments of that floor.


If you have any problems surfing the site, please leave a comment or contact me via and we will try to fix the problem.

Of course, one of my reasons for starting this blog is to listen to your suggestions. If the page is missing anything, or if you’re looking for something in particular, here I am!

See you soon, ciao!!





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