Felina Lingerie – Great Quality and Sizes for All of Us!

5 06 2008

Hello again guys and girls,

Right from the start, we’ve wanted our online store to be a place where there was no discrimination against any woman. Our wish is that Naïa do Mare, should be a feminine world in which we can all find what we’re looking for, need or simply want!

Speaking to friends before starting to develop Naïa do Mare, we realised that it was very difficult for women with less usual sizes to find feminine, attractive clothes.

Chatting about lingerie, a lot of them said that they were sick of not being able to find pretty, attractive things that were also high quality.

So, when we were carrying out the supplier selection process, we heard about Felina Lingerie and, having met with the people responsible for Felina Spain, we were so amazed that we had no doubts in adding this beautiful lingerie to Naïa do Mare.

We are very proud of being able to offer Felina’s products. The quality is extraordinary and they have thought of absolutely everything from the width of the straps which increases with the size to reinforcement points, etc. and, moreover, they are very attractive, sexy, elegant collections and they make you feel secure and extraordinarily comfortable. Felina covers the needs, not only of large-chested women, but also of women with smaller sizes.

There are bras, bodies, panties, sports collection….

Here you have some examples of their products and we recommend that you visit Naïa do Mare to discover how divine the collections are that we have selected for you…

From the Arabesque Collection -Felina:

Colección Arabesque

From the Moments Collection -Felina:

Lenceria de Felina

From the Perfection Collection -Felina:

Lenceria de Felina

From the Shape Collection -Felina:

Lenceria de Felina

From the Sport Collection -Felina:

Lenceria de Felina

Kisses and see you soon, ciao!!!

Ana Martínez

Naïa do Mare – On-Line Fashion and Styling Shop



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