4 06 2008

Hello everyone,

I would like to present “Naïa do Mare“, our new way of shopping. The alternative from the same old thing!!!

I am Ana Martínez, director of this fashion and styling initiative.

Personally, I am passionate about fashion. As a great consumer and after years working in various of its fields and analysing the subject… I’ve got tired of almost always seeing the same , (something which bores me terribly), that friends with less common sizes can’t dress the same as the rest of us and that when we want something more, let’s say, exclusive, different, the prices ruin the month’s economy (in the best case scenario)! Moreover, I wanted us to have something more, a whole world of femininity made for and by us in which we can feel cared for and have direct contact with the whole team responsible for the project.

For all this, I decided to create, along with a small team of good professionals, a site that would be accessible to everyone (hence its being online), with fashion for all tastes and sizes and prices that have been heavily negotiated for with the suppliers and designers. These designers, by the way, are selected from a wide variety of places; London, Paris, Athens, Ibiza… and that’s just for now!!! The idea is to bring people with interesting ideas and good prices together from all over.

Here you have an example of the Athenian designer, Dimitris Camarinopulos (only available online from Naïa do Mare!): Short Dresses, Atenas Collection. Images from some examples below.

Anyway, you’re all invited to get to know us at:

Oh! and, please, if you have any doubts, advice, or if you simply want to talk about fashion and styling, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kisses for everyone and speak soon, ciao!!!

Moda OnLineOnLine Fashion

Short DressesLong Dresses (not the photo!)



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