New Collection from Greek Fashion Designer

3 07 2009

Hi guys and, especially, gals,

It’s been a long time since I last had time to write in my blogs. Here in Naïa do Mare, we’ve been preparing loads of new things to show you. I’m going to do various posts now.

Firstly, it’s our great pleasure to introduce the new collection from CAM, the brand of the fantastic Greek designer Dimitris Camarinopulos.

¿Why is he fantastic? Here are some photos to explain (they’re links if you want to see more):

Vestidos de Diseño - CAM

¡¡¿Do you need any more explanations?!!
More pretty things at: Naïa do Mare – Online Fashion Store from Spain

Un besito,


Aguaclara Swimwear/Beachwear Range – Now available at Naïa do Mare

19 08 2008

Hi everyone,

I’m very pleased to announce the inclusion of a fine selection of Aguaclara’s Beachwear range to Naïa do Mare‘s swimwear department.

The combination of exclusive design, top quality materials and unashamed femininity make this range one of the sexiest around. Ideal for those girls that want to be the centre of attention!

The designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the African continent, the Amazon, the Pacific, the Andes, etc…

But be quick, this year’s collection is running out fast!

Besitos desde Madrid!,

Ana – Naïa do Mare

Link to the Collection: Swimwear > Aguaclara

Link to all Aguaclara Products: Aguaclara Swimwear / Beachwear

Presenting Brazilian Fruit Natural Cosmetics

13 08 2008

Dear friends,

Brazilian Fruit CosméticaI am pleased to present the highly successful cosmetics line – Brazilian Fruit. Prized internationally for its high quality in the natural care of your skin.

A range of innovative and exciting products that make you feel the pleasure of looking after yourself.

Products that are dermotologically tested for body and face.

Cosmética de BrasilMade with active ingredients extracted from plants from Amazonia in a sustainable manner without damaging the preservation of the rainforest.

Brazilian Fruit supports social and environmental projects.

These products do not contain animal materials.

Productos Naturales de AmazoniaIn Naïa do Mare, we have already felt the pleasure of trying these delicious products and we are really excited about them.

I hope that you jump at the chance to try them very soon because they are genuinely devine!

Click on the following link to see our products from Brazilian Fruit:

Brazilian Fruit – Exotic Fruit Cosmetics OnLine

More news very soon.


New URLs for our website – /

19 07 2008


Just a quick note to say that you can now get to the website via these addresses too:

www. Tienda de Moda OnLine .com


www. Tienda de Ropa OnLine .com

We’ve been at the Madrid fashion exhibition SIMM for the past two days and we’ll be there again tomorrow.

You can expect plenty of new and exciting stuff very, very soon!

Bye for now,


Calling All Up-And-Coming Fashion Designers!!!

16 06 2008


As I have written here before, one of my main aims is to give new, talented designers a place to show off and publicise their work in the best possible way – by selling it to the general public.

The fashion industry is ever more dominated by multinational corporations that decide what we should wear before then producing it, packaging it up and spending billions on convincing us to buy it which is not really necessary as often there doesn’t seem to be an alternative.

This is where the internet can be an amazing tool. If you’re reading this, you are probably a modern, internet using, informed consumer that understands the web’s potential for finding just what you’re looking for as well as new things you didn’t even know existed.

This is why, here at Naïa do Mare, we’re bringing our search for new talent into the open and we would like to ask you for your suggestions for talented new designers that could benefit from having somewhere to exhibit and sell their designs.

We are already having a great response to the Greek designer Dimitris Camarinopulos’s collection which we have to offer on our website and we are already speaking to various other designers hoping to include their creations in the near future but we want to do more.

If you are a designer, get in touch! If you know of any good designers, get in touch! This goes for footwear designers and accessories designers too.

Obviously, we’re actively searching too so, whatever happens, there’s going to be some new and exciting things happening at


Ana – Naïa do Mare – OnLine Fashion

OnLine Fashion Store

Ibiza Fashion – Sexy Summer

11 06 2008


One of the best things about my job is choosing the fashion that I like most for the shop.

One of my great passions is Ibiza. The island, its atmosphere, its beaches and, of course, its fashion! It strikes me as a style that is fun, sexy and comfortable. Just like the island!

Whenever I go to Ibiza, I come back with loads of dresses, trousers, accessories, t-shirts… That’s why I have included the Ibiza Collection in Naïa do Mare. It’s a little piece of Ibizan fashion online. And this is just the start. For next season, I’m planning on bringing the most divine from each designer on the island to Naïa do Mare for all the fans of this style.

The Ibiza Collection includes the following departments of clothing:

Long Dresses – Ibiza Collection

Short Dresses – Ibiza Collection

Long Skirts – Ibiza Collection

Short Dresses – Ibiza Collection

Long Sleeve Tops – Ibiza Collection

Short Sleeve Tops – Ibiza Collection

Sets – Ibiza Collection

I have also included a lot of Accessories.

Now we just need the summer to arrive at last!



Felina Lingerie – Great Quality and Sizes for All of Us!

5 06 2008

Hello again guys and girls,

Right from the start, we’ve wanted our online store to be a place where there was no discrimination against any woman. Our wish is that Naïa do Mare, should be a feminine world in which we can all find what we’re looking for, need or simply want!

Speaking to friends before starting to develop Naïa do Mare, we realised that it was very difficult for women with less usual sizes to find feminine, attractive clothes.

Chatting about lingerie, a lot of them said that they were sick of not being able to find pretty, attractive things that were also high quality.

So, when we were carrying out the supplier selection process, we heard about Felina Lingerie and, having met with the people responsible for Felina Spain, we were so amazed that we had no doubts in adding this beautiful lingerie to Naïa do Mare.

We are very proud of being able to offer Felina’s products. The quality is extraordinary and they have thought of absolutely everything from the width of the straps which increases with the size to reinforcement points, etc. and, moreover, they are very attractive, sexy, elegant collections and they make you feel secure and extraordinarily comfortable. Felina covers the needs, not only of large-chested women, but also of women with smaller sizes.

There are bras, bodies, panties, sports collection….

Here you have some examples of their products and we recommend that you visit Naïa do Mare to discover how divine the collections are that we have selected for you…

From the Arabesque Collection -Felina:

Colección Arabesque

From the Moments Collection -Felina:

Lenceria de Felina

From the Perfection Collection -Felina:

Lenceria de Felina

From the Shape Collection -Felina:

Lenceria de Felina

From the Sport Collection -Felina:

Lenceria de Felina

Kisses and see you soon, ciao!!!

Ana Martínez

Naïa do Mare – On-Line Fashion and Styling Shop